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Booth at OSHWDem2017

We were kindly invited to present the Chipflasher during the OSHWDem2017, an exciting fair for open hardware projects located in A Coruña, Galicia (Spain), the cradle of the Trisquel Operating System.

The event impressed us by its curious and well informed audience, no matter which age and sex. To share information and knowledge deliberately was the overall spirit among people, coupled with a sense of playful humorous competition. This one-day event was very well organized and loaded throughout its opening hours (10am to 8pm) with more than 2.000 visitors in total. See César’s resume of the event which gives you a nice overview.

Our chipflasher booth was frequently covered by visitors of all kind which calmly took their time to understand what our project is all about. In the end, most of them came to the same conclusion:

But this is really a cool project, isn't it?! — People at our Booth


Zerocat’s Booth at OSHWDem2017