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The Zerocat Label
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Call for Crowdfunding!

Dear Folks! Zerocat’s Chipflasher applies for FSF’s Respects-Your-Freedom Certificate. We freeze development now and keep on asking FSF for certification. Read the full story. Let’s get the Chipflasher onto the FSF Website!


Social Charta

We believe in the strength of an open society and we are convinced that privacy empowers civil courage, which is necessary to keep open societies vivid. Without privacy, a society won't have experimental rooms that encourage development. Therefore, we promote:

Zerocat Shop

Please check the Zerocat Shop in order to get an overview of our current products and services. Your purchase will empower us to keep going and to share our sources and knowledge with the world. Any profit will be reinvested in Zerocat Projects.

Note we chose as our sales platform. It fits best to our social charta and it is a free software project in our neighboorhood.

Core Services and Key Products

These are our key products as documented in Zerocat Products from the Zerocat Label Documentation:

If no sales page is available online, please send your request.

Account Details

Money is always related to power and social responsibility, therefor we have setup Zerocat’s account at the german GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG, a bank that has been awarded in 2015 for its fair business practises.

The Bank focuses on cultural, social and ecological projects which try to tackle challenges in our society by developing creative solutions. — GLS Bank

For any payments, please use the following account details:

Institute: GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
Account Holder: Kai Mertens
Reference text: Support the Zerocat Label
IBAN: DE09 4306 0967 1192 4364 00