The Zerocat Label

Do you like proprietary software? We don’t. That’s why we use GNU/Linux and other Free Software only.

Zerocat Logo

Do you like proprietary hardware? We don’t. That’s why we would like to use open-hardware only, but in general there is none available. Companies keep essential internals apart from the public: mechanical construction data is not published, access to system boards is restricted by non-transparent firmware and processor internals are subject to Non-disclosure agreements between manufacturers.

That is what we want to change! Under the umbrella of the zerocat label, we are going to publish true open-hardware projects, that is open-hardware even down to chip level.

Open Hardware is our Mission

Setting up true open-hardware is not that easy! In general, you won’t find solutions that are clean, every system is somehow infiltrated by proprietary business models and undocumented features.

A precious exception is the propeller microchip from Parallax. Its design files are released under a free license (GPLv3) since 2011! With that device, we are capable of building up true open-hardware electronics. The zerocat team agrees to not give up this exceptional condition easily and attempts to avoid non-open microchips wherever possible.