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Ignore Coreboot Build Error?

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This file is outdated.

When compiling the coreboot image, you will stumble over an error message like that:

Created CBFS (capacity = 2096856 bytes)
CBFS fallback/romstage
E: Input file size (69908) greater than page size (65536).

However, the build process won't stop, it finally succeeds.

Examining the root of that message brings us to file util/cbfstool/cbfs_image.c of the coreboot project.

This error is reported by function cbfs_locate_entry(...) which deals with three cases of content placement, case 1, 2 and three. The reported error seems to be related to case two and three, see function’s code comment (as of commit e89d444043):

/* Three cases of content location on memory page:
* case 1.
* | PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 |
* | <header><content>| Fit. Return start of content.
* case 2.
* | PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 |
* | <header><content> | Fits when we shift content to align
* shift-> | <header>|<content> | at starting of PAGE 2.
* case 3. (large content filling whole page)
* | PAGE 1 | PAGE 2 | PAGE 3 |
* | <header>< content > | Can't fit. If we shift content to
* |trial-> <header>< content > | PAGE 2, header can't fit in free
* | shift-> <header><content> space, so we must use PAGE 3.
* The returned address can be then used as "base-address" (-b) in add-*
* commands (will be re-calculated and positioned by cbfs_add_entry_at).
* For stage targets, the address is also used to re-link stage before
* being added into CBFS.

Therefor, I guess that this function is able to deal with our situation (input file > page), although the known error message has been issued previously. As the build process does NOT stop when the error message appears on screen, I suppose that this function does not return -1, indicating an error. A valid address value seems to be returned instead.

For these reasons, I dare to interpret this error as a warning and probably the WARN macro should be used instead of the ERROR macro in order to emit the message.

Note: In the above original comment snippet, the description of case 1 probably should be fixed to:

* case 1.
* | PAGE 1 |
* | <header><content>| Fit. Return start of content.

I may be wrong! Please get in touch if you have a different opinion.

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